The Croods Movie

The Croods

Finally I’ve already watched this movie at XXI last weekend, and i’m satisfy with that movie.

The Story Synopsis:

In the era known as Croodacious, living beings (mortal) and the earth as we know it. Nature was still experimenting and the flora and fauna not found. One day, an earthquake shook the earth and a caveman named Grug (Nicolas Cage) and his family were forced to leave everything behind to make a new home

Everything went from bad to worse when Grug and his family met a hobo named Guy (Ryan Reynolds) and his daughter (Emma Stone) where the nomads are searching ‘future’ as opposed to custom Grug in the tradition of ‘the past’.

It’s a funny cartoon movie at all, but besides that, the movie has so many lessons of life which implied in the story line. Initially, The Croods family has a conservative life. But, because of nature urgency situation and conditions, they must out of the habit of living to survive. But, The Father (Grug) who has a narrow-mind still want to survive in their cave coz he still believe myths of their ancestors and very worried about changes in life. While The Eldest Daughter (Eep) has the 360 degrees opposite mindset from her Father (Grug).

Lessons of life that I got are: don’t ever be afraid to try something new for better life, don’t be afraid to change, and always have fresh ideas for a better life.


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